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We introduce ourselves as a Human Resource and Management consulting group delivering trust through systems, processes and people for the last 30 years. We are unlike numerous others operating in the industry and what makes us different from them are our deep-rooted believes and philosophy.

We know people are the most important asset a company can have. And that’s why we take care of this asset in the best possible manner. We believe people perform under systems and processes. Under systems, we safeguard our stakeholders’ interest. Systems should be powerful enough to withstand the jolt of challenges that come with processes and people. Because when our systems are strong, everything else falls in place. We believe in partnerships. Partnerships that last long and are mutually beneficial to all parties. Frankly, we don’t work FOR you. We work WITH you.

At RMA, there are integrated services and solutions that are holistic answers to your challenges. Our solutions include providing Integrated Solutions, HR and Management Consulting, Talent Acquisition, Talent Retention, Training and Development, Labour Law Consultancy and Outsourcing amongst others. Our solutions span across every level and discipline of an organisation and are tailor-made to suit your needs. Our role doesn’t stop with consulting you what to do. Instead, we go great lengths to help you implement the solution.

Since performance is a keyword in today’s dynamic world, we believe if it can’t be measured, it better be left undone. In this fast-changing environment, organisations are still stuck in the traditional ways of working. Our aim is to introduce them to value-based systems and performance-based working. We look at transforming the orthodox services to unconventional solutions.

In nutshell, Resource Management Associates or the RMA group as we are fondly called helps companies not only survive but triumph over the numerous human resource challenges they face on a daily basis.

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